Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks

What a delightful Thanksgiving we had this year. It was the first time we stayed home, rather than traveling, in a very long time. We spent Thursday and Friday cooking tasty food for the thanksgiving feast that we hosted on Saturday. It was so nice to hang out, just the four of us.

Then on Friday evening, my sister and her friend, Mandy, came to stay with us. Liam flirted like a fool with Mandy. It was really quite embarrassing! Mandy was a good sport about it though and she loved little Grant too.

The rest of Sean's family and my family came up on Saturday. We had tons of yummy food for everyone. My sister's boyfriend and his two boys also came. Sean's nephews were also able to come. It was so nice to actually have kids in the house for Liam to play with. All the boys, and some of the big-kids, played with legos after dinner. Grant sat in the midst of it all, obviously wanting to play along with the rest of the kids. We had a great time and feel so fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends!