Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pint-sized Graduate

Today my little boy graduated from preschool! Silly, I know, but a milestone nonetheless. I can't believe that he will soon be 5 years old and starting kindergarten in a couple months! He has grown and learned so much in the past year. We still have our challenges, but he has also improved a lot. He made many good friends this year, some of whom will be joining him in the same elementary school next fall. Mommy and Daddy are proud of you Liam!
Yes, Liam is wearing a tie! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy Boys!

We have had a busy, busy week!

Last Wednesday Liam had a fun field trip to the Bug House! He was in heaven with all the creepy crawlies. He got to hold a hissing cockroach, two types of walking sticks, a darkling beetle, and even a huge tarantula!

Last Thursday, the boys and I went to Impression-5. Liam had fun playing at the water table. Grant was much more adventurous than our last visit. He crawled around exploring and even climbed up the steps on the play loft. Grant discovered the zig-zag tower and cars. He even managed to put a few of the cars down the tower, laughing at them the whole way down.

Then on Friday the 13th, we meet some friends at the Potter Park Zoo. It was an unseasonably hot day, but quite lovely! We took our time, stopping to feed the goats and then feed ourselves some ice cream to cool off.

After a wet and rainy weekend and past couple days, Grandma and Grandpa came to visit today and watch the boys for me while I went to an interview. Grant got to play with his grandparents while Liam had a fun time at preschool this morning - they got to watch a little chicken hatch from an egg!

Oh, yeah, and Grant has another tooth with a fifth on the way.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Playing Catch-up

Well, the end of the semester is always a super busy time - even for the professor. I've been so wrapped up with work that I've had little time or energy to post anything lately. I have several posts started, but nothing finished...

So the big news about Liam is that he has started trying to copy images that he sees in books in his drawings. His likenesses are very good actually - he has an eye for detail. Today he drew me a picture of a transformer from a library book. Yesterday he drew a picture from the Runaway Bunny.

Grant has been changing in SO many ways. He is acting more like a toddler than a baby now. Which is fun, but also makes me a little sad that his babyhood went by so fast! He has started asserting his will and letting us know when he is not happy about something. He is also a bit devious and likes to get into things he knows he shouldn't. He started pulling himself up to standing on the furniture last weekend. This week he has made a few attempts at cruising with the furniture. In the last month he: started clapping, started signing for milk, giving kisses, and putting a ring on and off of the stacker toy. Today he helped Liam and I pick up blocks and put them in a basket - it was so cute! He also FINALLY called me "mama" today instead of calling me "dada".

OH, and I almost forgot to mention that Grant's third tooth finally poked through today and a fourth one is right behind it.