Friday, December 27, 2013

Trouble with Tribbles

Every time I think of this blog, I get a little pang of sadness in my heart.  I often think of posting here, but life is so busy with two boys and a crazy job that keeps me working late hours.  2013 was by far the lamest year ever, with only 4 posts so far.  So much has happened in the past year!  My boys are growing up so fast!  While the well meaning grandparently figures in your life warn you that this is the case, it is so very different when you live it.  When I look at Liam now, he is a quite a grown up boy. Grant is no longer a baby, not even a toddler really, and is quite mischievous now.

I am happy to report that the boys *mostly* like the same things I like, especially when it comes to science fiction.  Earlier this month, we got on a Star Trek kick and watched a number of episodes from the original series and Next Generation.  One of the episodes was "The Trouble with Tribbles".  Now after I first watched this episode as a child, my parents deviously planted yarn ball tribbles (pon-pons) in my room, who then increased in number for several nights.  I decided that this was too fun a tradition not to continue it with my boys.  So....

The next morning, Liam and Grant woke to find a single tribble in their beds with them.   The boys made a big show of pretending to feed the tribbles, despite my warning not to.  (I spent the next few nights frantically making pon-pons out of all the softest yarn in my house.  I made 14 tribbles in all.)  The following morning they had three more tribbles each.  The photo above is of the excitement over "tribble babies", as Grant called them.  I made sure that they put the tribbles in a secure place before they went to school.  Before I left for work that morning, I stuck the tribbles in a box full of oranges on the counter.  Sean and the boys found them there when the came home.  Of course the next morning, the boys found even more tribbles!

Liam exclaimed, "There's like a HUNDRED tribbles!"  They had lots of fun with the whole thing.  It was quite special seeing them believe that the little critters were alive.  That is the true magic of parenthood.