Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bountiful Birthdays

No, it's not Liam's birthday yet, but several of my friends little girls turned three in the past week. Last Sunday we went up to St. Johns for Hannah's birthday. Liam was fairly well behaved through it all. The only difficulty seemed that he wanted to be outside when we were inside and vis versa, so we were constantly chasing after him.

Liam has been signing the Happy Birthday since March, when several kiddos had birthdays at his preschool. So he was very excited to sign for Hannah's party and did so with gusto!

Tomorrow is Ashtyn's birthday. She is having a bug-themed party...I have to fill you in on what happens another time.

As for the rest of the week, Liam and I were quite busy. This week's theme is farming. So we visited the MSU farm: horses, sheep, and cows. Another day we visited the children's garden on campus. We met up with some friends for lunch and play time. While we were there, they started up the model train that runs through the garden. Liam really enjoyed that part. He also enjoyed playing in the dinosaur garden.

The weather was quite hot on Wednesday, so I took Liam to the splash pad at the local park. He had fun at first, but then was reluctant to get splashed. I put on my suit and made sure he got good and wet with me. ;)

PS - I'll probably jinks myself for posting this, but Liam has been using the potty reliably nearly all week. In fact, he asks me to use the potty and has worn underwear instead of diapers for the last 4 days. The only time he wears a diaper is at night, and he wakes up dry. I am really hoping that this is finally it! He is definitely ready and now seems to take an active role in using the potty.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Liam Returns

Liam returned with his grandparents yesterday. He reportedly had a great time and was fairly well behaved. The highlight of his trip was getting to drive the little John Deere tractor that his grandparents gave him. Their yard is nice and big, so he had plenty of room to drive around. He also helped grandpa pick up sticks in the yard using the tractor's trailer.

Grandma also spoiled Liam with a swimming pool and sand box. Liam had fun splashing about and getting sandy. One evening, Liam's other grandma, his uncle, and his aunt all came to dinner. Liam was the center of attention and ate it up! What little boy could ask for more?!

Thanks grandma and grandpa for a great time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Adventures with Grandma and Grandpa

A few minutes ago, Liam embarked on his first adventure without mommy or daddy. He is spending part of the week with grandma and grandpa.

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A week in review

Wednesday - Liam and I took a bike ride to campus to visit the natural history museum. Liam loves his dinosaurs! One of the attendants asked him what he saw upstairs and he answered, "I saw a T-rex!". I bought Liam another little dino and a coin with a dinosaur on it. Then we took a bike ride through campus and did a few geocaches. Two of them were in a wooded area of campus. The mosquitoes were murderous, but we persisted and found the caches. On our way to get ice cream, someone stepped out in front of me and when I swerved the bike trailer skidded and fell on it's side. Liam was pretty shook up. But I managed to calm him and get the bike bake in order. Ice cream made everything better!

Thursday - Liam and I stopped at a couple parks on the south side that we'd never visited before. One of them had a large dinosaur and a large car that you could ride on. Liam loved these toys and bounced on them for a while. I also pushed him on the swing.

Friday - We took a drive to Okemos to take care of some chores. While we were there, we stopped at some yard sales and a geocache or two. Liam was not in a good humor that morning. But after his nap, he woke up a changed toddler. He was much happier and was especially happy when daddy came home from work. He and daddy played with the legos and watched dinosaur movies.

Saturday & Sunday - Went down to the lake in the afternoon. We got there in time to go out for a short paddle with my mom. Then we headed to the nearby town for some supplies and to do a little geocaching. Sunday morning, daddy worked on our boat trailer while Liam, Grandma, and I did a little paddling. We also took a stroll around the lake. Great Grandma came up to visit too. Liam had fun playing hide under the covers with his grandmothers.

Monday - (yesterday) Liam and I biked to Hunter Park. Liam played on all the playground gear and we ate our lunch. We had hoped to play in the water, but the pool didn't open while we were there. :(

Monday, June 8, 2009

Comic Relief or Public Menice?

Liam was the ring bearer for my cousins wedding last weekend. This photo pretty much sums it up...he had to be carried down the aisle. It was a disaster and quite embarrassing for me. At one point Liam even rolled across the floor! Then he insisted on picking up all the flower pedals and returning them to the flower girl.

But at least he did look cute in his little tux - like a mini James Bond. This photo was taken just before the wedding with the adorable flower girl.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One hot biker

Liam started peddling his tricycle a little over a month ago. In that short time, he has become very proficient. He can peddle forwards and backwards, maneuver tight turns, and even knows how to back up and turn around without using his feet on the ground. This evening, we went biking together as a family up and down the sidewalk on our street. Liam did so well that Sean and I devised a plan to all bike down to the river trail together. We lashed Liam's tricycle to the trailer. Liam rode in the trailer down to the bike trail. Then we let him peddle down the trail with us on our bikes too. It was a little tricky teaching him to stay on the right side of the road, but all in all it was very fun and he was a super biker. Liam biked nearly 3/4 of a mile with us! A lot of stamina for a toddler.