Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dinosaur Say Roar!

This weekend we visited two museums. Yesterday, we went to Impression 5 Science museum with Alissa and Ashtyn. Today, we decided to go someplace new. We took Liam to the Nautral History museum on the MSU campus. It is a small museum, with modest collections...but the displays are pretty nice. I told Liam that we were going to see Dinosaurs. He got very excited and said "dinosaur say ROAR!" He had fun going through the galleries on the first floor. Then we headed up to see the dino bones on the third floor. But the huge skeletons were a bit frightening to Liam and he wanted daddy to carry him. He told us that the dinosaurs were "scary". I told him that the Triceratops was a plant eater, like cows...thinking that this might make them seem a little more friendly. But he told us "that scary cow". Well, so much for that. :/

We did spend a little more time there and looked at the animal dioramas. At the gift shop, Liam picked out several tiny plastic animals: 3 dinos, horse, and lion. Then we walked over to look at the clock tower. The sun was peaking through clouds and the campus was quite lovely. Liam and I raced each other on the snowy sidewalks. It was a nice outing and we all had a lot of fun!

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