Thursday, April 30, 2009

I draw "D" all day long

Liam's new phrase is "all day long". He used it every chance he could today. "Kitty bite me hard all day long." "I play dinosaur all day long." "I watch Bob Builder all day long" (he wishes)... ;)

I feel bad that it's been over a month since I published on this blog. I started several posts in the past month, but never took the time to finish time and publish. What can I say, it's been a crazy month! I suppose I should share the news that I will be defending my dissertation next Tuesday. I have been working hard on revisions, conference papers, and presentations - so this month has really been a blur of activity for me. Today was my last day of work and soon I will be able to put Dr. before my name...No doubt this summer will bring many changes.

In the meantime, Liam has been growing like a weed. He grew more than half an inch between April 4th and April 20th! Even with all my business, I have tried to plan and organize themed activities each week. We've learned about plants, Easter, and travel and maps. It's been fun making little mini lessons for him and I think he has had a lot of fun in the process of learning. I was very gratified earlier this week when he pointed out the map on Sean's computer when he was looking up the weather forecast...Apparently Lian remembered looking at maps and coloring maps with me last week.

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