Monday, December 6, 2010

Stage Star

Today Liam really made me proud! He had been practicing songs with his class for several weeks now. They were preparing for the Holiday pageant, which was tonight. At first, Sean and I were against letting him do it - thinking of the travesty that occurred at his "preschool graduation" last spring and of how loud and overwhelming it would be in an auditorium. But he seemed really excited and quite persistent in his preparations. So at last I relented and decided to let him go.

We were pleasantly surprised at how well he behaved. He sat and waited patiently before his class went up. He listened to his teachers, sang and performed well. He even sat through the next grade's performance afterwords! To top it all off, he left without a fight and when they gifted him with a doughnut as we left, he actually held it the whole way home and waited to eat it at the table instead of getting into it in the car! Totally AMAZING!

On the other hand, Grant has been quite beside himself. I'm not sure if it's his teeth or if he has the flu. He hasn't been able to keep solid food down for a couple days now and he has been crying a LOT. We lucked out, however, because he was actually happy at the concert and was dancing on my lap to the beat of the music!

The only bummer is that I was a terrible mom and forgot my camera! SO I have no documentation of the amazing evening. Nuts!

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