Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So little time...

...life is so, so busy that I hardly have the time to write here like I want to.

Liam has learned so much in the past few months. Today he surprised me. I was trying to work on the computer and was not the most attentive. He decided to dress up in a silly outfit from random stuff in his dress-up basket. Then he came over and said, "what am I wearing that starts with a B?" He had on a pair of cowboy boots. Then I asked him if he was wearing anything with the letter G, and he knew it was "glasses". I quizzed him on a bunch of other silly accessories until we ran out and he had to go change his outfit. I had no idea he had such a grasp of letters, their sounds, and words they spelled. I was quite impressed.

Grant has been eating more and more solid foods. He sometimes gets annoyed when we feed him pureed food, as he wants to feed himself now. So I've been trying to thing of new and interesting finger foods for him. The new food this week was whole wheat spiral pastas cut into little bits. He hasn't started crawling, but he manages to get around. He must scooch when I'm not looking or something, because he's constantly getting into his brothers toys. Lately, he has started crying when I leave him at daycare. He has figured out that mama leaves and he is not happy about it. It is soooo very hard to leave him when he's crying - babies sure know how to manipulate their mamas. On plus side, he constantly delights everyone with his non-stop smile everywhere we go. I really hope that he never looses it!

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