Monday, May 21, 2012

Dental Dilemma

Today was a huge milestone for Liam and for me, as a parent. Liam lost his first tooth! I was in utter shock when Liam announced happily in the middle of breakfast that he lost his tooth. It had started getting loose only a couple weeks ago, so I certainly didn't expect that it would fall out so soon! I had only just begun researching "tooth fairy pillows" like this one to make it easier for me to retrieve the tooth since both boys are such light sleepers. I figured I had at least a month before I had to order one, but I figured wrong! Liam was so excited that he wanted to take his tooth to school to show everyone. He kept remarking about how small it was. I suggested that he keep it safe at home, so that he wouldn't loose it and loose out on a gift from the tooth fairy. This evening, I was so tired from the first long day of field school, that I nearly forgot about his tooth. I found a nice crisp $5 in my wallet. Then I crept into his room, being careful not to wake either Liam or Grant, and carefully felt under his pillow. To my relief, it was near the edge and I quickly retrieved it and left the bill. It is so surreal to be doing this for my own kiddos!

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