Friday, January 18, 2013

It's been a grueling two weeks at the beginning of the Spring semester.  Today, however, I took the day completely off to just hang out with my youngest son.  He had no daycare today and I never get a chance to be with him the way I did with our eldest.

The day began with taking Liam and the neighbor's son to school.  Grant got to ride along with them - they were all talking up a storm about little boy things - it was just too cute.  It ended up that we got to school way too early.  So we took a side trip and went exploring a large old cemetery nearby.  There was a neat 1920s mausoleum, an oblisk, and beautiful views of the frozen river.  The kids had so much fun they kept thanking me for taking them on the "adventure".

After the big boys were dropped off.  Grant and I went out to breakfast and I let him play in the playplace for a little while - he was too scared to try the slide, however.  We were waiting for the I-5 museum to open at 10am.  We ended up spending the rest of the morning at the museum once it did open.  Grant played with a lot of different toys in the First Impressions room: cars, magna blocks, puzzles, water toys etc.  He even managed to get up the courage to climb on the playset and go down both the little and big slide - he's usually really shy about climbing activities.  Then we went out to the rest of the museum and played instruments, made a button picture, and watched the model trains.  Sadly, I forgot my camera.  But Grant had a marvelous time and played so much that he fell asleep on our short 5 minute drive home.  

Once home he woke up and so we got a light lunch and played for a while.  We built with Legos and played ninjas and's a long story.  After a late nap, we played board games until daddy and Liam came home.  It was truly wonderful to have that special time alone with Grant.  It went by too fast.

Liam came home with a lovely hand-colored British flag that he made at school.  He had even found a straight stick outside and expertly taped the flag to it.  Apparently some of the kids gave him flack for making the Union Jack, but I think it's marvelous that he put so much effort into it.  He even colored both sides of the flag.  He has very good artistic talents for a 6 year old.

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