Sunday, November 9, 2008

Little Fish

Today we decided to do something a little different. After our usual chores and Liam's nap, we went to the community center pool. The weather was too cold outside for fun, so we thought the pool would be a good way for Liam to run off some steam and do something new. The last time Liam was at this pool, he was only around six months old.

At first Liam was a little nervous. He clung to daddy or mommy. But slowly he realized that it was lots of fun to be in the water and he started to relax. He practiced kicking in the water. He played with his squirty fish toy and tried holding on to a pool noodle. After we put a floating vest on him, he swam out into the deep water holding onto mommy.

He also balanced on the frog float and had fun splashing mommy and daddy! We had so much fun that we are now seriously thinking of scraping the money together for a family membership. That way we could go swimming every weekend!

PS - It snowed today and started to stick!

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