Friday, November 21, 2008

Silver Bells in the City

Tonight was the annual Silver Bells in the City celebration. The weather is so cold that I almost decided not to take Liam. But after looking at the schedule, I found a few events that were indoors, so we decided to take him out to the celebration.

We started by going to the city market. We visited Mr. And Mrs. Claus. Liam was rather reluctant to interact with them – other than to accept a candy cane from Mrs. Claus. I managed to snap a quick photo of him on Santa’s lap, but as you can see, he was beginning to cry. Oops! Maybe next year.

Liam also saw some clowns at the market. One of them made him a dog out of a balloon. Liam really loved the balloon animal. He played with it so much that he un twisted it and it became a rather lumpy snake. ;-)

We picked up a quick dinner while we were at the market. Then we headed out into the cold to see the parade downtown. Liam was excited to see all the big trucks strung with lights and decorations. We watched the parade for a little bit and then went to donate two stuffed animals to toys for tots. They always have a “house” with a conveyor that takes your toys in. I showed Liam what to do by putting one of the stuffed animals on the conveyor. He put his on and we watched it go bye-bye. I am very proud of him for not getting possessive over the toy after he carried it there.

The winter air was so chilly that we sought refuge at the Science Museum. We quickly walked up there before the parade ended. First we stopped downstairs at the model train exhibit. We watched the trains for a while and talked to one of the designers. Then we took Liam up to the toddler room in the Museum. He really loves it there. They have big blocks, towers to drive cars down, slides and climbers, a water play area, a play house, and much more! He was enjoying himself so much that he didn’t want to leave. But it started getting late and the crowd was getting bigger, so we walked back to the car and headed home to snuggle in bed.

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