Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boats, Bunnies, and Bikes

On Friday, I had to pick up Liam from daycare, but didn't have the carseat. Since the weather wasn't took bad, I biked over to pick him up with the bike trailer. Liam was so excited to see that I came on the bike. Many of the other kids were a little jealous of Liam getting a cool bike ride. On our way home, I stopped by the park to let Liam play for a little bit. He had fun chasing after another little boy about his age.

We had another busy weekend. We spent most of Saturday at the Michigan Lightcraft boat show. It was a lot of fun to dream of kayaking and canoeing (in this cold weather). Liam was a very good boy while we were there. He stayed in his stroller. I let him hold pamphlets and stickers from the vendors.

While daddy was in one of the many talks, Liam and I visited the potty. Then we went over to the Rabbit show that was going on in the other half of the building. The show was free, so we walked around. Liam charmed his way into petting a couple dozen adorable little and giant rabbits.

(written from memory on 3/18/09)

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