Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Triumphant week

I turned in my dissertation draft on Monday. To celebrate, I picked Liam up from daycare early and we went to the zoo. We actually walked the entire zoo together...I think that's a first for Liam! Then we went to the playground, where Liam had a grand time climbing and sliding and screaming with all the other preschoolers (and some bigger kids too) that were there. He saw that some of the other kid's dads were climbing on the gym, so he wanted me to join in. He pulled and tugged and finally persuaded me to climb through the tunnel and go down the slide. We also played on the swings together - Liam on my lap.

The rest of the week was less eventful, but I got a bit of a breather from all my hard work. Instead of writing, I focused my energy of spring cleaning in and around the house. Liam "helped" me in the back yard, raking mulch and leaves, bagging yard waste, and digging holes in the garden.

Today we did a little of everything. In the morning, Liam colored with mommy and daddy after breakfast. Then Liam helped me in the yard for a little while. We all stopped at the park and zoo for lunch, play, and visited with some animals. After that we went to the "Bugs" class that Liam is taking at the science museum. He was pretty tired by then and really didn't want to engage in the structured activities. But once the kiddos were let loose, he had some fun. We got a call from our friends, Dan, Annie, and Aidan and decided to meet them at the Maple Sugar festival. Liam loved looking at all the turtles they had on display in the park center. Then we went for a walk and found a geocache that had eluded us before. Liam was pretty exhausted by then and rather cranky - so was mommy for that matter ;) - so we headed home for Liam to nap. A busy end to a rather good week.

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