Monday, August 30, 2010

Liam's first sweetie and Grant's first giggle

I meant to post this yesterday night, but a bizarre accident with the powerlines on our block knocked out some of our power for several hours. But I had to share two cute stories about the boys.

Grant had his first (and second) *real* giggle yesterday! One giggle was with me and other was with daddy. He is so easy to get smiling! We noticed that he seemed to be trying to giggle all last week, but yesterday was the first time he made a sweet little noise with his huge grin. :D

Liam's story is actually from last Tuesday. We went to the splash pad at the park to meet up with kids from his preschool. There he ran into Kenzie - the little girl that he paled around with last year. They immediately were playing together again, like they were never apart. They ran and chased each other playing tag. Too bad Kenzie is a year older and is starting Kindergarden. I know he will miss his little sweetheart in class this year.

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