Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bad Week, Better Week

Well, last week was pretty darn terrible. Grant was ill and extremely out of sorts. So much so that I took him to the ER out of desperation one night. All that got us was sleep deprivation and aggravation. Grant and I suffered through a number of Dr. visits, and trips to the hospital for tests. In the end, we finally determined that there was nothing majorly wrong with his digestive track, but we still didn't get what we needed, which was a better GERD medication that didn't make him constipated.

This week, however, we finally got it! He is doing much better this week. He is back to his chipper self, cooing and babbling a lot. He's also started figuring out that he has hands and that hands are great for grabbing things. It's fun to watch him try to figure out how to extend his arm and try to grab's a work in progress!

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