Sunday, October 10, 2010


What a fun couple weekends we've had. Last weekend, October 3rd, was the Dino Dash for the MSU Museum. The morning was cool, but not bad. Liam did pretty good considering all of the excitement and anticipation - he didn't get too out of control. We bumped into a lot of friends and their kiddos this year. We all went out to lunch with Dan, Annie, and Aidan after the race and visit to the museum. The boys played and played in the gym at Burger King while the adults got to chat and relax.

Today we decided to trek to Grand Rapids to visit the John Ball Zoo - our favorite zoo in Michigan. It's not super big, but it has a lot of really nice exhibits. The weather was just perfect for us. Liam and Grant both cooperated well and we had a nice trip - except for the last few minutes, when everyone got tired and hungry....ooops.

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