Saturday, January 1, 2011


Not a bad start to the new year. I got to sleep in a bit. Liam and Grant were fairly congenial in the morning. Daddy took Liam to the doctor, while Grant napped - leaving me some rare quiet time alone. I decided to start knitting a project for Grant.

After daddy and Liam returned, we decided to go geocaching. This was the first time I've gone since before Grant was born. We did 11 caches in a special "winter" series. Most of these caches were easy to get to and fairly quick.

The sunshine came out for a while today too. I took pictures of all the things I have been sewing for my shop in the past few days. Liam was my model for some items. Later, Grant played happily on his mat, while I took down the Christmas tree. Now the boy's play area is restored and hopefully, I won't be tripping over legos and trains quite as much.

This evening was going great until Sean accidentally dumped my homemade pizza upside-down in the oven. We managed to salvage dinner, thanks to some leftover crackers and cheese from New Years eve. After dinner, I read books to the boys and Sean finished up the tin-can uke that he started yesterday. He wasn't happy with the sound though, so he may be back at it again tomorrow!

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