Saturday, January 15, 2011

Achy, Breaky, Ears

It was bound to happen eventually, Grant has his first ear infection. I hate that we have to give him antibiotics. Hopefully he will be better soon and won't get many more.

In other news, Liam got to go bowling for the first time this week. On the 13th we went bowling with a bunch of kids from his Montessori school. I think he enjoyed it, but it was total chaos. There were too many people and too little organization. Grant faired alright, but he was sick from the ear infection and the noisy bowling alley was not a very good place for him. Sean and I were quite rusty at bowling - it's been too long!

Liam and Grant recently discovered that they can play with Liam's toy computer together. Grant likes to pound on the keyboard and make noise, while Liam uses the mouse to actually try to play the games. That's my little nerds!

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