Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bountiful Birthdays

No, it's not Liam's birthday yet, but several of my friends little girls turned three in the past week. Last Sunday we went up to St. Johns for Hannah's birthday. Liam was fairly well behaved through it all. The only difficulty seemed that he wanted to be outside when we were inside and vis versa, so we were constantly chasing after him.

Liam has been signing the Happy Birthday since March, when several kiddos had birthdays at his preschool. So he was very excited to sign for Hannah's party and did so with gusto!

Tomorrow is Ashtyn's birthday. She is having a bug-themed party...I have to fill you in on what happens another time.

As for the rest of the week, Liam and I were quite busy. This week's theme is farming. So we visited the MSU farm: horses, sheep, and cows. Another day we visited the children's garden on campus. We met up with some friends for lunch and play time. While we were there, they started up the model train that runs through the garden. Liam really enjoyed that part. He also enjoyed playing in the dinosaur garden.

The weather was quite hot on Wednesday, so I took Liam to the splash pad at the local park. He had fun at first, but then was reluctant to get splashed. I put on my suit and made sure he got good and wet with me. ;)

PS - I'll probably jinks myself for posting this, but Liam has been using the potty reliably nearly all week. In fact, he asks me to use the potty and has worn underwear instead of diapers for the last 4 days. The only time he wears a diaper is at night, and he wakes up dry. I am really hoping that this is finally it! He is definitely ready and now seems to take an active role in using the potty.

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