Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A week in review

Wednesday - Liam and I took a bike ride to campus to visit the natural history museum. Liam loves his dinosaurs! One of the attendants asked him what he saw upstairs and he answered, "I saw a T-rex!". I bought Liam another little dino and a coin with a dinosaur on it. Then we took a bike ride through campus and did a few geocaches. Two of them were in a wooded area of campus. The mosquitoes were murderous, but we persisted and found the caches. On our way to get ice cream, someone stepped out in front of me and when I swerved the bike trailer skidded and fell on it's side. Liam was pretty shook up. But I managed to calm him and get the bike bake in order. Ice cream made everything better!

Thursday - Liam and I stopped at a couple parks on the south side that we'd never visited before. One of them had a large dinosaur and a large car that you could ride on. Liam loved these toys and bounced on them for a while. I also pushed him on the swing.

Friday - We took a drive to Okemos to take care of some chores. While we were there, we stopped at some yard sales and a geocache or two. Liam was not in a good humor that morning. But after his nap, he woke up a changed toddler. He was much happier and was especially happy when daddy came home from work. He and daddy played with the legos and watched dinosaur movies.

Saturday & Sunday - Went down to the lake in the afternoon. We got there in time to go out for a short paddle with my mom. Then we headed to the nearby town for some supplies and to do a little geocaching. Sunday morning, daddy worked on our boat trailer while Liam, Grandma, and I did a little paddling. We also took a stroll around the lake. Great Grandma came up to visit too. Liam had fun playing hide under the covers with his grandmothers.

Monday - (yesterday) Liam and I biked to Hunter Park. Liam played on all the playground gear and we ate our lunch. We had hoped to play in the water, but the pool didn't open while we were there. :(

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