Monday, July 4, 2011

Grant's First Year

A year ago today...I nearly died after giving birth to my beautiful boy. Thankfully someone had donated blood that matched my type and after two transfusions and the wonders of modern medicine, I have been blessed to watch my two wonderful boys grow up.

Yesterday we celebrated Grant's first birthday at my mom's cottage. I think everyone had fun and we managed to dodge the rain until the end of the party. In fact, the rain disappeared in time for us to celebrate with some fireworks. Liam was so excited and quite sad when he was too tired to watch the fireworks. He did manage to collect a ton of lightening bugs in a giant bug container that my mom gave him. The bugs were like mini fireworks! Liam also caught his first fish with daddy! Grant was exhausted from the day too! He had so much attention and fun, and everyone gave him great toys.

Today we had another lake party, this time at my inlaws house. It was a lot of fun until Grant became cranky and inconsolable. Liam managed to get a chance to play with some sparklers, but we had to leave before the end of Grandpa's firework display.

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