Sunday, May 25, 2008

Boat-Boat on Water

What a wonderful weekend we had! Saturday morning we drove down to my mom's cottage to meet up with her and my sister, Rae. The weather was picture perfect and sunny. Liam was excited to see his grandma and aunt. After lunch at the cottage, Liam, daddy, and I went for a paddle in our canoe. Liam perked up as soon as I told him he was going to ride in a boat. He said, "Boat-boat on water" while pointing to some of the fishing boats. Since we weren't too sure about whether Liam would sit still in the boat, we paddled around in the shallow swamp. Liam enjoyed watching the bugs skimming around on the water. We also saw lots of little and BIG fish, swans, herons, and heard frogs croaking. Liam did very well in the boat. Later in the afternoon, I took Liam out with me in my kayak. This time we cruised up the Pigeon River, which feeds into the lake. When we came back, we ate a yummy dinner of grill hamburgers that grandma made for us.

In the evening, we all went down to the drive-in theater to see the latest Indiana Jones movie. Liam enjoyed sitting outside the car with grandma and auntie Rae. We all watched some older kids playing and Liam wanted to join in with them. Once the movie started we sat in the car. Liam played for a while and then slept through most of the film. We got back to the cottage really late!

On Sunday, Liam slept in a bit later than normal. We fixed a yummy breakfast and then went for an early morning paddle. We paddle our way through all three basins in the lake. We saw a small beaver lodge and a beaver. Later in the day we went for a very long paddle up the Pigeon River. Liam did extremely well and we were out in the water for over two hours! At one point a toy car that he had been playing with went overboard. Grandma Kathie spotted it and the chase begun! We worked together to catch it as the stream carried it away. Liam was very lucky that we caught it! After that mommy tied it to the boat so it wouldn't go overboard again. Before we headed back to Michigan, we went out for pizza with grandma. What a busy and fun weekend!

PS - On Thursday Liam said the sentence, "I see baby." and pointed to a figurine in my room of a mother holding a baby.

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