Monday, May 26, 2008

Mommy rides a tricycle

I think that today was sort of a let-down for Liam after such an exciting weekend. We spent most of our morning at the hardware store ordering more windows for the house and picking up a few other essentials. Liam was quite board and made his feelings known.

But after a good nap, his day was looking up. We spent the afternoon outside in the yard. Liam had fun "helping" mommy and daddy prepare a flower bed and digging out the second patio area. After a while he got tired of playing in the dirt, so I got his tricycle out for him to play with. At first he wasn't too sure he wanted to play with it. So I sat down to show him that it was fun. To the amusement of Liam, daddy, and the neighbor, Liam started pushing me around and around on the tricycle. He is SO very strong!

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