Saturday, May 31, 2008


Our DSL modem died on Sunday, so I am forced to combine my posts for Saturday and Sunday.

Motorcycle Mama
June 1st, 2008

I was very nervous going to motorcycle class this afternoon. I was worried that I wouldn't pass the driving exam because yesterday's class was very difficult. However, I relaxed once I got on the bike and started riding. It seemed much easier today. I ended up passing the exam with flying colors. I only missed 3 points (for going a little outside the box in the U-turn test). So now I can officially say that I am a Motorcycle Mama!

Each week Liam has a new word that is his favorite. This week it was "cool". Apparently, we must say it rather often, otherwise he wouldn't have picked it up so quickly!

Skinned Knees & Dandelion Seeds

May 31st, 2008

Liam and I enjoyed time together in the yard this morning. He was so excited when I got one of his big trucks out to play with in the driveway. He started scooting it down the drive and it slipped away from him and he skinned his knee. This was his first real boo-boo. He was pretty upset, but I calmed him and took him in to clean it up and put a bandaid on it. Soon he was back outside! We biked down to the park to play a little. I showed him a couple dandelions that had gone to seed in the grass. He giggled when I showed him how to blow the seeds off and then tried it himself. Then he went to play on the jungle gym and slide. Daddy pushed him in the swing for a while too. Before I left for my motorcycle class, we ate lunch in the backyard.

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