Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ice Cream Social

This week was employee appreciate week. Today there was an ice cream social planned and family was invited. So I decided to get Liam out of daycare a little early so that he could meet some of my coworkers and enjoy ice cream with me. When I arrived at daycare, I was surprised to find a special mother's day gift that Liam had made (with help from his teachers) for me. After snacking on a cupcake, which the kiddos made for their mommy's, we headed to work. Liam was uncharacteristically shy, but still managed to charm everyone. The two of us had our fill of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Then he took me by the hand and lead me back out to the rotunda. In the middle of the museum is a live pine tree, surrounded by a beautiful mosaic fountain that resembles the great lakes. He kept exclaiming "Water!" and circling around to look at the fountain. Knowing how much he loves cars, I took him up to the portion of the museum exhibit with the automotive history. He had fun running from car to car. It was a real treat for me to bring him to work like that!

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