Saturday, October 30, 2010


The past couple days have been quite a roller-coaster in terms of emotions. On Wednesday, I met with the public school district to discuss the results of their evaluation of Liam for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their findings: Liam is borderline Autistic. The good news is that this means that Liam qualifies for assistance and/or therapy. We don't yet know what this will entail, specifically, but at least we know that the school district is on our side and will provide resources for Liam.

I was contacted to teach a third class for Spring semester this week. I thought about it for a night and then decided that it was a good idea. Hopefully, I won't kick myself for it next semester!

Liam had TWO Halloween parties on Thursday. I got to go to the morning party at the public preschool. Liam and his class went on parade through the school. They also had a bunch of food and got to watch a video. I got to meet some of the other mom's, which was nice. Liam was already acting a little unregulated by 10am, so it's no surprised that he was super hyped up by the end of the day. But it was fun to see him with his classmates. He has a friend, named Joshua. They paled around together and Joshua even gave him a hug when it was time for Liam to go.

Friday I finally got my car back, but in the excitement we missing Liam's therapy appointment! Friday was also Sean's birthday. We didn't do a whole lot to celebrate, other than eat breakfast out as a family.

We had planned to celebrate on Saturday, by taking him to the Airzoo. We got the family all set and headed to K-zoo for the day. My mom was going to meet us there. Unfortunately, Liam had a potty accident shortly after we arrived and was also extremely obstinate, so we had to go home. :( It was a really bummer, especially after we had driven all that way!

Then to top it all off, I received a call for an interview for a job that I applied for a month ago. I'm quite excited about the job, but I have to travel to New Orleans for the interview next month! Just what I needed, more stress!

I terms of Grant's growth. Well, he's trying hard to sit up. He's still very wobbly, but he likes to practice sitting. He also likes to stand and squat, exercising his legs. He's gotten quite good and grabbing for things. He even grabbed my napkin at dinner one night! He's a very happy guy most of the time and it's a stitch to get him laughing - not hard to do because he's sooo very ticklish. ;-)

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