Sunday, October 31, 2010

Treats, not Tricks

Today was Grant's first Halloween. He wore the same costume as his big brother did - a leopard outfit. However, since Liam was dressed as Diego: Animal Rescuer, we pretended that Grant was Diego's sidekick, Baby Jaguar.

We started our evening at my friend, Alissa's house. The older kiddo's played while the adults had a quick dinner. Then we went out trick or treating in that neighborhood. Just for fun I dressed up like a butterfly. Liam was moving to fast for Ashtyn, who got frustrated that Liam wasn't waiting for her. Grant and Jonas were just along for the ride: Jonas in his stroller and Grant in the sling.

Then we went home so that we could pass out candy at our house and also make a pass through our neighborhood and see out neighbors. This time Sean also dressed up - he re-purposed part of my old Princess Leah costume - it was quite amusing! We were sad that not many kids came to our house, but we had fun walking through our neighborhood.

Earlier in the week I was able to attend the Halloween party at Liam's public preschool. Here is his class all dressed up! The boy dressed as Buzz Lighyear next to Liam is his best friend, Joshua. The kids got to go on parade through the school in their costumes, then they had a bunch of yummy treats and a movie to watch - lucky kids!

We also took both the boys to the Halloween event in downtown. It was very busy, but there were a few activities that Liam enjoyed, such as a hay maze and petting some animals from the zoo. There were also cool street performers, a rarity in this town. We ran into our friends, Dan and Annie and their boy Aidan while we were there.

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