Friday, September 7, 2007

And the rain came falling down...

Whew, what a wet and rainy day! Liam was back with us today as we attempted to finish most of the big tasks at the house. Today we painted the dining room, kitchen, hall, and stairwell. We also cleaned and painted window sills, installed the baby gate at the top of the stairs and added more coats of varnish to the master bedroom floor. I did take a few moments out of my busy day to take some pictures of Liam and to snuggle and feed him too. Here he is playing on the porch of our new house.

Just before we left for the day, I unrolled the play rug that we got for Liam at IKEA and let him run around in his room. He had so much fun! I think we will make such a special place for Liam to play in his new room. After we all cleaned up, we went out to Zeus' for dinner. Liam fell asleep on the drive over and was so zonked that he slept in my arms for most of dinner. He woke up just in time to eat some of the lamb meat out of my gyro, finish off the humus, and share my rice pudding. Yum!

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