Monday, September 10, 2007

You spin me right round

Well, we're overdue for an update on little Liam. He's been quite busy lately! Last week he started spinning around in circles. He seems to enjoy getting himself so dizzy that he falls down :)

Liam has also been very talkative. He's started using personal pronouns. Last weekend, he bumped his head on a drawer in the kitchen and said "I ow". If I listen to his babbling carefully, I can often pick up fragments of words and sentences. He uses too many words for me to keep track of now.

He loves imitating everything I do. Some examples of what he wants to do: flush the toilet, sweep the floor, paint on the walls, drink from a cup, brush his hair and teeth, fix dinner in the kitchen, write with a pen, and today he "helped" me rake up old mulch in the back yard. I've noticed him carefully observing people and children around him and them imitating their actions.

This morning, while Ashtyn was visiting, he imitated her trying to feed her stuffed animal from a cup. He picked up his stuffed Pooh bear and gave him a sip from a cup too! Here are Liam and Ashtyn playing on blankets...seems my attempt at naptime is not working.

I try to encourage imitation where possible and appropriate, because I know it's the way he learns how to do things. For example, I gave him is own rake and own small paint roller when we were working on the house. Today I purchased some markers for him so that he can "write" things down like I do. For Christmas I plan on making or buying Liam pretend kitchen stuff, since I have room for it in our new place and because he enjoys playing in the kitchen with me so much.

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