Thursday, September 13, 2007

Super Poopy!

Today we had a potty training milestone. First, Liam indicated that he wanted to use the potty. He did this by going to and playing with the potty. Taking the hint, I undressed him and put him on it. Then he proceeded to go #1 and a moment later he went #2! This is his first time pooping in a potty. Yeah! One less poopy diaper to wash! I am so proud of him.

To celebrate, we went to Fenner Park for a stroll in the woods. We first went into the nature center. Liam had fun watching the turtles swim around in the tank, as well as looking at the injured morning doves they were rehabilitating. They also had books and puzzles and different objects from nature to touch and look at. Liam was particularly fond of a tree log, which he carried around with him while we were there.

Once back outside, we stopped off at the pond to look at fish and frogs in the water. Then we headed down one of the forested trails. Liam examined sticks, pine cones, rocks, and leaves along the trail. We walked quite a ways together, having lots of fun crunching leaves noisily under our feet. Eventually Liam sat down in the path, his little legs where tired. Luckily I brought my wrap with me, so I tied him to my back and we finished our walk. Once in the car, he fell asleep. We both took a much needed nap when we got home.

This afternoon, we ran errands together. Liam actually ate a little dinner tonight. He likes his daddy's sloppy joe. Today went too fast!

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