Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Liam graduates to the toddler room

When I took Liam to daycare today, he was moved into the toddler room for the day. Now that they are getting in so many smaller babies, Liam is being slowly introduced to the routines of the toddler room, especially since he is walking well and acting like a toddler in so many ways.

He got to play outside for a while and they told me that he ate lunch at the table with the other toddlers. Such a BIG boy! When I arrived he was napping on a mat on the floor, not a crib anymore. Now if I could only get him to do that at home!

I waited a while at daycare and then gingerly moved him to the car. He slept for another hour in the car and I chilled out in the car too while we were at the park. Then we got to play for a while at the Potter Park playground. Elli and Scarlet joined us with their mommy's. Liam had lots of fun on the swing and chasing the girls around (they are much faster runners than he is right now).

This evening it was stormy, so we stayed in and watched cartoons after dinner. Then mommy had to go to work in the rain, leaving the boys to get a bath.

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