Wednesday, September 12, 2007

He's got fangs!

Well...actually just one fang, but I just had to make the Monty Python reference. Yes, that's right, Liam is getting yet another tooth and this time it's his upper, left canine. Sean and I have been wondering why Liam has been especially whinny the past couple days. I swear he was happy for only 20 minutes of the day on Tuesday (yes it's been that bad!). It's seems that teething is the culprit again.

This morning Liam woke up cranky, but I treated him to a nice bubble bath with the new stuff I got by California Baby. The bubble bath is aptly named "Tired and Cranky". It's guaranteed to turn your baby from cranky to sweet. It worked like a charm this morning, just long enough for me to get this cute photo of Liam walking his puppy and eating apple slices. He actually looks happy here!

Liam spent the rest of the day at daycare. When Sean picked him up, they told him that he hadn't eaten much and had a bad diaper rash. Ugh! Mr. cranky was back in full force this evening. He cried and cried while we tried to eat sub sandwiches for dinner at the new house. I gave him a plate full of sandwich cut into pieces. Normally he would have loved it, because it was turkey and cheese. Finally I offered him my sandwich. That's what he wanted. He had to hold it himself and bite off of it. He was happy and eating for a few minutes, then crying uncontrollably again.

Later when we got home I snuck a feel of his gums after nursing him and sure enough, I could feel a canine poking through. He's got thirteen teeth now!

I tried to perk Liam up before I went to work for the evening by giving him the toy watch I had made earlier in the day. I thought he would like his own watch, since he enjoyed wearing grandpa John's watch so much.

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