Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Bee Weekend

Whew, what a busy bee weekend this has been. On Saturday we worked on our yard. First, things first though, we hung Liam's swing so that he could be amused while we worked. It turned out to be quite handy and fun! Mommy and daddy raked, pulled weeds, re-pointed the brick path in the front yard, and bagged up old mulch and leaves, all while Liam napped. We also had 2 cubic yards of sand and 3 cubic yards of gravel delivered in preparation for finishing off the patio. Before Liam's nap, he took a ride on mommy's back while I strolled down to a mom-2-mom sale at the community center. It was ashame that I didn't know about it sooner, because it would have been handy to sell things there instead of the sale that we are doing next weekend. But Liam had fun and mommy found a couple great deals. (On a sad note, Liam's pet fish died today. I'm not sure when caused it.)

On Sunday mommy volunteered to help clean up the playground at Liam's school. I spent over three hours raking and weeding before coming home to tackle our patio. Luckily Liam was napping when I came home, so Sean and I got to work loading gravel into the pit we dug. We were about half done when Liam woke from his nap. I brought him out to play in the yard while we worked, but he was not happy that we weren't playing with him. Instead he tried to "help" daddy with the wheel barrow...which slowed our progress a bit...nothing gets done quickly when there is a toddler around! Liam also tried helping mommy rack out the gravel, but of course it was more fun to help daddy.

Now for the week's miscellaneum: I was astonished to see Liam give a classmate his pacifier when his teacher told him to give it to Ben...this means he knows who his friends are and can identify them by name even though he can't say their names yet. He started saying "my book" or "my boots" this week. He says "pee pee" when he goes potty and "butt, butt" when we change his diaper. He says "baby" and doggie" very clearly. He found a bumble bee on a flower today and said "bug". I bought him a balloon last Sunday after daddy left and he could say "balloon". As you can see, Liam is especially good at saying B-words.

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