Monday, April 7, 2008

Windy Thai Food

Yesterday was such a lovely warm day, but ridiculously wind. When we all came home we decided that it was too nice to eat in the house. Instead we took a walk down the street to the nearby Thai restaurant. Liam wasn't too sure about the food. Sean and I are both dismayed that he hasn't taken to Chinese and Asian cuisine that we love so much. Liam did try a crab ragoon and a little bit of tapioca. Sean and I ate up and enjoyed the curry! We had a super windy walk home with our bellies full.

On Sunday we decided to picnic at the zoo with our friends Alissa and Ashtyn. We met them at the playground before eating. The kid's had a ball climbing and sliding and swinging. In fact, Liam was so interested in playing that he barely touched his lunch and didn't stay seated for long. Look at my dare-devil on the big slide!

After our picnic we went in the zoo. The animals were very active (and so was Liam). We had to walk fast to keep up with his little running legs. Poor Ashtyn barely had time to enjoy the animals before he took off for the next one. By far the favorite attraction was the goats. Liam got to feed the goats. Ashtyn fed one goat, but was rather unnerved by the experience and wouldn't try it again. Liam also liked the donkeys and pot-belly pigs in the farm area. Both Liam and Ashtyn also liked the river otter's enclosure...but I'm pretty sure it was because of the bubbles in the water, not the otters. If you look closely you can see an otter swimming by.

Everyone was pretty worn out before we made it to the other side of the as usual we left without seeing all of the animals. Liam fell asleep almost the instant he got in his car seat!

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