Thursday, April 17, 2008

When ants attack!

Ever since the first signs of spring, we have been finding a few ants here and there around the house. A few in the kitchen, one in the bath room, one in our bed, on the wall in Liam's get the idea. Well, this evening I went down to the basement to wash some of Liam's clothes. As I was moving things into the dryer, I noticed something moving on the floor, on closer inspection I discovered about 3,000 ants crawling all over the rug that was laying in front of the dryer. Totally gross! After I got over that initial freak-out of finding so many bugs in my house, I following the trail of ants to what appeared to be a hole in the floor. I then looked for some ant bate and put it near the hole. I also asked Sean to spray around the perimeter of the house outside. I hate using insecticide, but we had to do something about them.

On a lighter and less buggy note, I was able to get out of work an hour early today (due to the extra time I put in over the weekend). I was so happy to pick up Liam early. Because the weather was so perfect, I called Alissa to we made plans to meet at her house after dinner so that the kiddos could play outside. We ended up walking down to a local park. Liam was fearless about climbing all over the jungle gym. He ran across the bridge and slide down the big tornado slide. Liam loved to swing too. He also enjoyed the springy horse and rocked vigorously on it saying "weeee". He noticed some adults playing softball at the diamond nearby and said "ball". He is so observant. He even noticed barking dogs, chirping birds, and honking cars...and had to tell me about them. In fact, this morning when I honked at someone when they didn't turn at the green light, Liam said "beep, beep".

Yesterday Liam got to play outside a lot too. Sean and I started working on the patio. Liam helped rake wood chips out of the way and got to play with daddy's old tin truck and tractor in the mud.

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