Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The joke's on you.

Yesterday it thunder stormed and today we may get snow yet again!?! What a joke! This year is so much colder and snowier than last year. I just read my posts from the beginning of last April and discovered that it was warm enough to go for walks and such...grumble, grumble. I miss being outside, I imagine that Liam does too. The last few days he spends a lot of time standing at the front door looking outside. At least he has a gym to play in at daycare. He loves climbing on their indoor jungle gym and sliding down the slides. Once things warm up we can walk to the playground in the evenings after dinner.

Sean and I are also getting excited about fixing up our back yard for Liam (and us) to enjoy. Over the weekend we purchased a bunch of patio pavers. They will be delivered next weekend. We plan to make two patio areas and several gardens in the back yard. Sean also wants to build Liam a play house and us a grill. The goal is to limit the amount of grass that needs to be planted and mowed. Right now, however, the back yard is a big mud ball. Yuck!

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