Friday, April 25, 2008

Welcome Home Daddy!

Daddy was away on business all week, so we missed him very much and were extremely happy that he came back today. Liam woke up from his nap at daycare to find daddy sitting next to him. What a surprise!

When I came home from work, we decided to all go fly our kites at a local park. The wind was super strong today. In fact it was strong enough to get a bunch of our "line laundry" type kites up (see photo). Liam zoomed around in the grassy area at the park and also checked out the playground and beach (with supervision of course). Once Liam got settled on the picnic blanket with mommy, daddy got to try out his stunt parafoil for a little while. It felt so good to be outside and enjoy the spring air. We are getting excited for the upcoming Great Lakes Kite Festival, which we always attend.

After we packed up the kites for the night, we treated ourselves to Chinese. Liam actually ate it for once (he usually doesn't like Asian cuisine). He really liked the coconut chicken. Yum!

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