Friday, April 11, 2008

Your son is "Crafty"

Last night Liam's school had a special "family night" event. The theme was travel around the world and each classroom was a particular country, like Italy, Togo, China, etc. They had food, craft projects, art, and decorations to represent that particular country. The kiddos got play passports and collected stickers or stamps for each county that they visited. Liam was pretty tired when we arrived, so I wasn't surprised that he was testy and preferred getting into the toys in each classroom over trying new foods. (And sorry, grandparents, things were so hectic that I forgot my camera). But we did have some fun.

As we toured "the world" Sean and I noticed that nearly all of the teachers, regardless of the classroom and age group they worked with, knew Liam. Apparently, our son is quite the character! Even some of the other parents knew Liam. One mom told us, "your son is crafty". I ponder this a minute...did she mean crafty like Martha Stewart and Norm Abram, or did she mean crafty like Wiley Coyote? So I asked, "Do you mean that he is sneaky?" "Yes," she replied, "he always finds a way to sneak out the door when I drop off my son. He always does it so well that we don't even notice him." So there you have it...Liam is Wiley Coyote "crafty"!

I'm not sure whether to be flattered or worried that our son has attracted so much attention. Sean and I already know that he has a big personality and an even bigger brain. I'm sure they will continue to get him in trouble for many years to come. :)

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