Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Love Planet Earth!

Today was Earth Day. I wanted to do something fun with Liam to commemorate the date, but unfortunately not everyone loves the Earth as much as us. The city held an event downtown, but it was during the day and while I was working...bummer. I heard from a friend that the community college had events during the day and a parade that started at 5pm. So I decided to go into work early (that way I could pick up Liam early) and we could go to the parade. Everything went according to plan except for the fact that the college held the parade earlier than scheduled and when we arrived on campus at 5pm everything was already over...Oh well!

Instead we enjoyed a nice stroll through campus. While it's a small college, they do have great park spaces, including this wonderful Japanese zen garden. Liam enjoyed watching the koi in the pond and the cascading waterfall. He also tried raking the rock garden and splashed in the fountain.

After dinner we walked down to the Library to check out some videos and books. Liam loves the library. He exclaimed "book, book" and ran around finding books to look at. He has started saying so many new words in the past week that I can't even recall them all. Probably one of the funniest stories is that he discovered that there are spots on the hardwood floors and one evening went around pointing out all the spots for me. It was very cute.

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