Friday, June 6, 2008

Bye Burger!

Yesterday when we were leaving daycare, Liam said "Bye Burger". Now you may be wondering who Burger is...that is the nickname for Liam's classroom teacher. He really adores her and always waves or says bye, bye. But this was the first time that he said her name!

After dinner, we headed outside to work on the yard. However, Liam wasn't keen on the hot muggy weather, so I took him back inside to read. Once he calmed down, and realized that daddy was still outside, he decided he wanted to take his bike outside and ride it on the patio. This gave mommy and daddy the time they needed to finish digging the hole for the second patio and start filling it with gravel. Liam like the gravel filling...him climbed up the little hills that daddy dumped out and helped mommy "smooth" the gravel out by stomping it down. Once our work was done, I asked Liam if he wanted to go on a bike ride with mommy. I got out his trailer and a bike and we took a spin through the neighborhood. He had fun spotting dogs and cars. We stopped at the playground for a little while. He was hesitant to play at first, because there were a lot of old kids there today. But he was soon climbing the stairs, hanging on swings, and sliding down slides. He found a couple boys that were roughly his age and had fun chasing them around, until...he started throwing wood chips and mommy intervened. We were both muddy, sweaty, and tired by the time we came home and took our baths. Liam read a bunch of books with daddy before bed time. He always surprises us with the words he knows. He will point out all sorts of animals, boats, cars, and trains in the books. Last week he also started saying "The End" whenever he turns to the last page of a book.

PS - A couple nights ago, Liam tried to "blow" the seeds off this plant growing in our yard because he thought they looked like dandelions! :)

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