Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

Liam is such a big boy, look at all the things he can do now:

-Liam can put on his own shoes now. He has been taking them off for probably two months, but only learned how to put them on in the past couple weeks. He doesn't always get them on the right foot though! :)

-Liam is very good at feeding himself and getting less messy. He can eat soup and cereal with a spoon. When he's done with his meal, he puts his hands up and waits for us to wash them. He also often takes his plate to the sink too.

-Liam occasionally tells us when he needs to go potty. He usually uses it at least once a day and often more. While he was sick this week, he had diarrhea, but he actually had most of it in the potty!

-Liam started saying "play dough" on Monday. He is content to play with it for at least a half hour at a time!

-One of Liam's other favorite activities is driving his toy truck and tractor around on the patio and filling them full of rocks.

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