Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We did it!

Last night we finally finished the second patio in the back yard! I am so pleased with the finished product, even though it took us a while and was really hard work. Liam was pretty good about playing while I worked in the yard. He drove his trains around on the patio or scooted on his bike. Now if we could only get ride of all the mushrooms that keep pooping up! Ick!

It makes me so pleased that Liam loves to play outside. We only have problems if he feels like he's not getting enough attention, so sometimes it is difficult to juggle a major project and playing with Liam. He is very eager to help and will carry tools, pull weeds, push the wheelbarrow, and sweep with a broom. The last couple weeks we always come in the house just before bedtime. Liam is always so dirty that he usually needs a bath. He enjoys playing with his toy boat in the water and seldom wants to get out of the tub.

He tries very hard to use words that he hears Sean and I say. He will often repeat a word when he hears it, then I will say it again and use it in a sentence. He speaks in sentences, but I can't always understand what he is saying.

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