Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy's BBQ

To celebrate father's day, we met our friends Sarah, Ian, and Ellie at the park to fly kites and have a BBQ. The weather was extremely windy, almost too windy! But we did get up our sled and some of our fun line laundry. Our friends also brought some cool kites: a ghost delta and a a box kite. The kiddos had a blast wading around in the water. Ellie was quite the water baby! She wanted to wade all the way in! Suddenly a small storm popped up and blew across the lake. We had to bring down the kites and retreat to a pavilion. The wind made it difficult for the daddies to get the grill going, but once they did, we all ate a wonderful meal. After the storm passed, the kiddos got wet again. We were all super worn out by the time we headed home!

PS-Sorry, I forgot my camera.

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