Monday, June 9, 2008

Stormy Weekend

Our weekend started and ended with storms. Friday afternoon I could see that a bad storm was approaching as I picked up Liam from school. Luckily both daddy and us got home before the storm hit. Just as we sat down for dinner it began pooring. Liam was unsettled by the thunder. "Boom, water, boom" he said. We told him that it was rain and he said "Rain wet". He ended up eating most of his dinner on my lap.

Saturday was hot and muggy. We enjoyed sunshine while working outside in the yard and on the house. In fact, mommy got a little burnt while painting trim on the south side of the house. After we finished all our chores, we drove down to Indiana to return a trailer we borrowed from Sean's folds and a ladder that we borrowed from my mom. We spent a little while at the lake. Liam got excited and started squealing as soon as we turned down the lane to the cottage. Then when saw all his grandparents and his Aunt he started screaming "grand-grand"! He got lots of love and attention from everyone. He played in grandpa Johns red Jeep and watched Aunt Rae catch fish. Daddy took him out for a quick paddle on the lake before we headed home.

As we drove north, we could see a massive storm on the horizon. There was so much lightening that it was like fireworks. The only time I had seen a scarier sky was on a trip to Kansas around five years ago. During tat trip 18 tornados touched down in the county we were camping in! We managed to get home just as the rain started. We hurried inside. Liam was unhappy to be awake and even more unhapppy to hear thunder. We setting in bed together. He clung on to me all night - it stormed for over 5 hours!

Sunday morning we were relieved to wake up and find our power still on and house in tact. We puttered around the house for most of the day. Liam brought me lots of books to read to him, including a family photo album that I made him for Easter. He pointed out all has "grand-grands" and aunt "Rae". He will now sit still through an entire Dr. Seuss book! A big change form a few months ago. He also sits and looks at his books often, especially his car and train books.

Sunday afternoon we had plans to meet some friends at a sate park to fly kites and have a picnic. As we headed out the door, some clouds started moving in to the horizon. But since we organized the outing, we felt obligated to show up. By the time we got to the park, it was rumbling in the distance. This didn't seem to bother Liam. So we stayed for a little and waded in the lake to cool off. Liam had a lot of fun and even tried putting his face in the water. I changed him into dry clothes and we headed for home. The storm caught up with us when we where about half way there. My grandmother called us with news that there was a tornado in Lansing and wanted to know whether we were ok. By then we had weathered the worst of it in the car and were approaching the outskirts of Lansing. We saw many trees down. The street lights were out in our neighborhood. We found out that the power was out at home too. Luckily I had prepared most of our dinner earlier in the afternoon. All we had to do was cook up brats on the grill, which daddy did. We ate and them took a walk around the neighborhood. There wasn't much to do at home except read some books. When I asked Liam if he wanted to make music he said "ding" and wiggled his butt like he heard a beat. It made me laugh. I got my violin out for a little while. Liam enjoyed running the bow across the strings. Then we all turned in early, since we had lost so much sleep the night before.

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