Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hot, hotter, hottest...

Between Sunday and Tuesday, Liam ran a really high fever. Even Motrin couldn't keep it below 102 degrees. We all lost lots of sleep because Liam cried out in his sleep and was very restless. Plus, I was extremely worried about him. At one point I brought him in bed with us. He slept better, but we sure didn't!

Even though I figured it was just a virus, I decided to take Liam to see the doctor because his fever was so high and persistent. Of course, the doctor just complicated things...he thought there might be a possibility of a UTI and ordered urine tests. The proces of collecting urine from a 22 month old boy is not pleasant. Poor Liam had to have a bad taped to his private area. He was so exhausted that he fell asleep in my arms at the doctor's office. They sent me home and told me to drop off the sample once he went. Sounded easy enough. But in reality...a whole other story! Liam woke from his nap to find himself home and in immense discomfort caused by: his fever, his muscle aches and head ache, and a plastic bag being taped to his, ehm...well you get the idea.

I did my best to calm him down and set about trying to remove the bag. However, the tape had bonded to his delicate skin so well that it would no budge. I frantically tried to reach a nurse at the doctor's office. I got cut off...TWICE...and then finally spoke to a person. She said "just take it off like a bandaid". Then I had to patiently explain to her that there is no way this is going to come off like a bandaid! All the while, Liam is shrieking in the background. Eventually I got the point across and I was able to work the tape off with a damp washcloth. Poor Liam...

On Tuesday, I stayed home with Liam in the morning while daddy had an important meeting. Then he was going to come home and I was to go to work in the afternoon. BUT...I forgot to leave the car seat with Sean and he had to take Liam back to the doctor to get the results of the tests from Monday. So I came home and we all went to see the doctor again. Thankfully, the UTI and the strep tests they did all came back negative. Liam and daddy dropped me off at work for a couple hours before picking me up again.

By this morning, Liam was feeling better and the fever was gone. So I took him to daycare. I was exhausted at work from such a rough start to the week!

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