Monday, July 14, 2008


The family had a pretty low-key weekend. After the usual chores and gardening, we invited our friends Alissa and Ashtyn over for lasagna dinner on Saturday. Once dinner was over, we went outside to enjoy the patio. The kiddos took turns riding the tricycle and scribbled with chalk. It was very gratifying to finally enjoy the fruit of all our labors - we have truly transformed the yard!

On Sunday we joined Dan, Annie, and Aidan for Aidan's 2nd birthday at a local park. Even though it had been a while since Liam had seen Aidan, they played very well together. When I asked Liam if he remembered Aidan he shook his head "yes". The funny thing about the party was that nearly all the women attending were very pregnant!

Liam knows all about parties now. I told him that he would soon have a birthday party too. This morning I told Liam that it was grandpa Michael's birthday (he would have been 58 today). We sang "Happy Birthday" together and looked at grandpa's picture to remember him.

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