Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Holey Moley!

Last night, I was feeling bad, so Liam and I read books in bed for a while. He was so cute, pointing out the cars and trains in the pictures. We also talked about the people, pointing out body parts, who was the mommy and daddy and boy and such. Every day he does something new to surprise me...he noticed that I had spots on my arms. He pointed to one of my (many) moles and said "owie". I told him that it wasn't an owie spot, but a spot called a "mole". He then proceeded to look for all the moles on my body and then daddy's body. I asked him if he had any moles. He was upset that he couldn't find any...I told him that he was probably better off. ;-)

In other news, Liam can go down the stairs standing and facing forward all by himself. He still prefers to hold my hand, but doesn't have to anymore. He also figured out how to peel stickers off pages on his own too. One of his favorite pastimes is peeling and sticking stickers.

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