Sunday, July 6, 2008

Showing Our Colors

Liam turned 23 months on last Thursday, the day after we laid my dear grandfather to rest. Unfortunately for Liam, he spent the day feeling pretty bad. I found out from daycare that Liam was exposed to a child with HIB - a bacterial form of meningitis. I took him to the doctor to get some antibiotics. I was just beginning to feel bad myself, but I didn't get a chance to see the doctor.

Friday morning we went to my mom's lake cottage. I felt pretty sick all day, but managed to join in a little. We walked around the lake and stopped at a yard sale. Liam amused us with his patriotic "hat" that he made at school (check out his cool socks too!). He also played with a pretend firecracker that he and I made, which was a decorated paper towel roll stuffed with sparkling red, white, and blue pom-pons. He made the pom-pons "pop" out the firecracker and then stuffed them back in again.

Most of our time was spent talking and lounging around outside. The weather was really nice, but a little chilly for July. Even so, Liam did wade in the lake for a while. He had lots of fun splashing mommy and grandma with water. In the evening we watched the neighbor's fireworks. Liam was a little worried by the noisy ones, but we reassured him that they were "fun booms".

Saturday morning, Liam and I went for a paddle with grandma in our canoe. Before we got around the lake, my aunt, uncle and cousins, grandma and aunt Chris arrived. We spent a little time with them before heading home. I was too sick to be much fun.

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