Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beat the Heat.

Today was a scorcher...at least for Michigan. I biked to work and ended up beating the guys home by about a half hour. When daddy and Liam arrived, I took Liam to the paint-your-own pottery studio down the street while daddy made dinner. I wanted to pick up an item for guests to decorate/sign at Liam's up-coming birthday party. Liam found a small train, big surprise, and I let him paint it while I made arrangements to take a plate & paints home with us. I watched him paint. He has pretty amazing control of a paint brush. He would dip in the paint and daub paint here and there with some precision. He chose the paint colors - green, blue, and orange. I am thinking of incorporating his bas relief train into the decorative plate somehow....hmmmm

After dinner, we went back outside. It was very hot, inside and out. But outside we had the advantage of filling the kiddie pool. Liam was very excited to play in the water. He helped us fill it with the hose and then had a blast stomping, splashing, and pouring water. When I brought him a small watering can, he scooped water and took it over to water the plants in the garden. It was very cute! But after a while, it started to get messy when he began pouring the water all over the yard and making mud. Oh, well...thank goodness it was bath night!

Daddy gave Liam a bubbly bath. When he was done, Liam and mommy snuggle on the couch for a while. Then we read a bedtime story. After the story, Liam started humming. Then he asked for a "song". He wanted me to sing my usual lullaby. It was so sweet that he asked. Now I know that he does appreciate it, even if I'm not that great of a signer.

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